Edoardo D'Anna

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Peer-reviewed articles

A somatotopic bidirectional hand prosthesis with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation based sensory feedback

E. D’Anna, F. M. Petrini, F. Artoni, I. Popovic, I. Simanić, S. Raspopovic and S. Micera

Scientific Reports, 2017

Conference abstracts

Hybrid peripheral-spinal neuromodulation therapies enable refined locomotion after paralysis by combining global and local control of leg movements

S. Wurth, J. Gandar, M. Capogrosso, A. Cutrone, S. Raspopovic, N. Pavlova, P. Shkorbatova, L. Baud, E. D’Anna, Q. Barraud, K. Minassian, F. Wagner, S. Micera*, G. Courtine

Society for Neuroscience, Washington, 2017

Grasp smarter, not harder: Proportional control of an electromyographic prosthesis with a touch of automation

K. Z. Zhuang, N. Sommer, E. Formento, E. D'Anna, A. Billard, S. Micera

Society for Neuroscience, Washington, 2017

Simultaneous tactile and proprioceptive feedback in myo-controlled hand prostheses using intraneural electrical stimulation

E. D’Anna, G. Valle, I. Strauss, J. Patton, F. Petrini, S. Raspopovic, G. Granata, R. Di Iorio, T. Stieglitz, P. M. Rossini, and S. Micera

Society for Neuroscience, Washington, 2017

Intraneural implants enable long-term bidirectional control of hand prostheses

S. Raspopovic, F. Petrini, E. D'Anna, G. Valle, I. Strauss, G. Granata, R. Di Iorio, D. Guiraud, T. Stieglitz, S. Micera

Society for Neuroscience, San Digeo, 2016

Sensory substitution in amputees: Intraneural versus transcutaneous nerve stimulation for the bidirectional control of prostheses

E. D’Anna*, F. Petrini*, S. Raspopovic*, S. Micera

Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, 2015

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